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Ensuring compliance with local regulations and by-laws is essential to maintaining a safe and legal parking lot or property. We can assist with various installations and services to help you meet these requirements, including:

  • Parking and traffic signs installation: We can install clear and visible signs to help regulate traffic flow and provide information on parking restrictions.
  • Accessible parking stencils painting: We can paint clear and accessible parking spaces to help ensure compliance with accessibility regulations.
  • Bollards installation: Bollards can be installed to provide protection for your property or to prevent parking in restricted areas.
  • Installation of driveway mirrors: Mirrors can be installed to improve visibility and increase safety in areas with limited sight lines.
  • Technology services: We can provide various technology services to improve the management and efficiency of your parking lot, including:
    • EV parking charging equipment installation: We can install electric vehicle charging equipment to help promote sustainable transportation options.
    • Parking meters installation: We can install parking meters to help manage parking in high-traffic areas.
    • Surveillance parking lot security closed circuit installation: We can install surveillance cameras to improve security and deter criminal activity in your parking lot.
    • Virtual line walkways and lane lasers: We can install virtual line walkways and lane lasers to provide clear and visible guidance for drivers and pedestrians.

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