Snow Removal Angels Teams

Hello and welcome to our snow removal team! We call ourselves the snow angels because we help a lot of people stuck in the snow.

If we properly organize the work – it can be winter fun, fitness, and a great source of cash income.

We have a very friendly atmosphere. Full openness in groups of up to 100 people.

We pay immediately upon completion of work, and if necessary, a little in advance. (cash/e-transfers/PayPal)

There are three categories of independent contractor workers

  1. Those who do not have a car and a shovel. They need to buy a shovel as soon as possible. We will refund the money immediately upon presentation of the receipt and photo of the new shovel. After that, they should wait until we appoint someone to drive them to their place of work and, if possible, return them home. We pay them $25 an hour just for snow removal. If they use the subway tube to get closer – we pay for the trip.
  2. Those who have cars and do not have a shovel, and are not ready to drive other workers in their cars – please also buy yourself a shovel. For those with their own transport, we pay $30 an hour plus the travel time to the work site and the cost of gasoline.
  3. Those who have a car and agree to carry others may not remove the snow at all. Mostly just driving and supervision. (Snow cleaning if absolutely necessary). They need to buy shovels according to the number of seats in the car, including the driver. For shovels, we can transfer money in advance. Also, for a trip to buy the shovels and their storage, we will pay a one-time bonus of 50 dollars. They will become group leaders, we will offer them to collect and deliver workers and they will receive 35 dollars per hour.

The shovels bought with our money belong to us, of course, and if you do not work with us, they must be handed over to us on demand.


and I will help you to get organized.


Boris Kriger