We help snow removal businesses

Anyone in the snow business needs help sometimes.
Someone needs to clear the vital paths as soon as possible to keep your
clients happy.

This is where we can be very helpful.

Let us know when you need help cleaning
the parking lots, driveways and sidewalks
and you won’t regret it.

Hour rates are 25 -45 per hour, depending on the job volume


It would seem that you can’t invent something new in such a trivial matter as snow removal, where this same snow has been removed for hundreds of years?

The saying goes that in our time plows are used to clean snow, and no one wants to move a shovel. But the millennial generation has arrived, and they see shoveling snow as fitness and the greenest way to solve the problem. They are happy to participate in such work.

When are not enough people with shovels in the snow removal business, customers are unhappy – trucks arrived too late and customers have to dig themselves out of the snow before the help arrives. We have set up snow angel teams across the city. They help snow removal companies serve their customers quickly and efficiently.

We have expanded recently and have 4 teams with 16 shovelers to send to new properties.

We manage the teams very efficiently. We get prepared in advance.

Please, give us in advance a list of the addresses (or at least part of the city they are located)

where you might need the help of shovelers – walkways, sidewalks, stairs, driveways.

We do not operate atvs. Only shovels. But the shovelers will show up on 3 hours’ notice day and night.

We work fast and efficiently.

Our shovelers are energetic young people, mostly students.

We are very efficient, Let’s say you need us to do a job that normally takes 2 people to complete in 3 hours.

We send a team of 6 people for 1 hour. You pay the same costs – but the properties are cleaned almost momentarily.

We use Whatsapp groups and photos of completed jobs which makes us very efficient in communication – we have in total 134 shovelers across the city.

Our guys are experienced, very well-paid, and highly motivated.

We can provide great references from other respected snow removal businesses!

Please, contact us at: info@onestopparkinglotcare.ca